Table of Contents

Book 1: Glad You’re Not Here

Color Cover small file

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Book 2: Traditional Punching Bag

Book 3: The North Korean Affair

Book 4: The Shape of Things to Come

Book 5: The Herald Cometh

Book 6: Dragonrise

Book 7: The End

For Reports and Side Stories, go here.

27 thoughts on “Table of Contents

  1. There’s one reason: nobody who reads this serial is talking about it outside of the threads where it lives and maybe Web Fiction Guide. I know this because WordPress tracks all incoming traffic, so I know what links readers clicked on to get here.

    That’s fine, but it does mean that the only way I get new research is by posting in various places, either weekly or every other week, in order to attract new readers, I need to post various “ad posts” on Reddit, and let’s face it, nobody likes to be advertised to. People want to hear about that story their friend thinks is really cool, or that one stranger recommended in their favorite forum, or that they found browsing TV Tropes and think looks really cool.

    If NIU readership is going to grow at a more rapid pace, I either need to come into a lot of money (I believe the minimum amount required for an advertising campaign on the internet to be successful is $500 a week,) make a guest post on a site that really blows up, or I need some of my readers to recommend this serial to their friends. Seeing as I’ve been having terrible luck getting views, have no job, and NIU isn’t exactly making me a lot of money, that just leaves praying a few of my readers start recommending this story to their friends.


    • Well I’m gonna make sure to recommend it but I don’t think they’ll use money in it. Anyways, have you tried to post your story at Wattpad? I think it will be easier to… spread it there. Probably. Oh and on reddit too I think.


      • I actually have done a lot of advertising on Reddit. The problem is, Reddit only wants to hear certain creators talk. Creators that are either sanctioned by other creators and mods, or creators that have already gotten popular.


      • When my web serial comes out, can you drop me a shout-out?

        It’s kinda like Worm, but imagine if everyone was fighting in a tournament for the pleasure of the gods (who are basically Eldritch Abominations) and viewers in another universe. They’re trying to kill each other entertainingly, but also fending off interdimensional horrors and trying to find the man who will end all realities. He is the main character. He is also the only unpowered guy, going toe-to-toe with people who are like Shatterbird but with BLOOD, and a Lich whose phylactery i bacteria with his mind inscribed on them. He is also called Annihilator, and for good reason. He is completely insane.

        Sounds cool?


  2. really enjoy your story I wish it was more popular. I’m curious if you have an update schedule though


    • I honestly have no idea. I just took it from the song because I thought it fit with the chapter.

      Basically, for every chapter title, I try to reference a song that fits with the content. This chapter, it was a song by Band Maid.


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