Some updates are not part of the main story. These are updates that are very much cannon, but not necessarily things Nathan knows. In fact, these stories are usually for the purpose of getting into the heads of other characters and exploring areas of this universe that Nathan might never discover for himself.

These stories used to be donation bonuses. However, in order to fit in with RRL policies on donations, there now will be a new one on the last Thursday of every month, assuming I have time to write one.

Crash May Riley has always been special. Ever since an accident severely disfigured her face, she has been interested (some would say obsessed) with medicine. This is the story of how she went from the (really) weird kid at school to an expert in Lupine biology, to one of NIU’s Triple-A students.

The Other Side – Have you wondered where the people attacking Nathan in Tracks 15, 16, and 17 of Book One were? Well, this is their story. Guilermo, Edda and Padraig have all been forced to test the “fresh meat,” or AMS and Shadowhaven students as punishment. Their friends think they’re in for a cakewalk. Their friends are wrong.

Gangster Revolution – Five years before Nathan Jacobs joined NIU, his home state of Massachusetts suffered a massive gang war marking the birth of the mysterious Jade Empire. Follow its rise through the perspectives of people close to actual events.

The Worcester Connection – n 2014, two very different, yet surprisingly similar people must come together to save someone they both care about. Now, they must survive both the Massachusetts underworld and the wrath of the KKK. This is a donation bonus for September 2015.

Truth and Lies– Kyle Rockford has lost a lot, even before going to NIU. This is his story.

Know When To Fold ‘Em– Sometimes what happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas. Organizing and rigging betting on fights between costumed Parahumans made Moe Green his fortune. Ripping off investors increased it. This is his story.

Brand New Day – The Dragon’s Teeth and the Grenzefrontier are on the same world. It is not big enough for the both of them.

Happy Birthday To Nari – In which Nari celebrates her first birthday outside of North Korea.

Silent Wars – A day in the life of a black ops team doing something they definitely shouldn’t be allowed to do. And the people watching them.

3 thoughts on “Reports

  1. Hi,
    I think you will need to be a bit more specific on the ‘The Other Side’ description since there are tracks 15,16,17 in other books.

    Great read though.


  2. I really wish these were incorporated into the chapter listings and the ToC, as I only just stumbled upon them, after finishing what has been written so far (Book5Chap21). Consider them interludes?


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