Due to the nature of my writing, I think that it would be best (as well as fun) to add some bonus materials. This will eventually include a cast of characters, side stories, quick reviews of concepts, and my sources of information and inspiration. The idea is to place them altogether in one place to refresh the memory of a reader and an excuse to write more. It is not meant to be an excuse for me to just randomly throw shit at you, and making you responsible for where it lands, so if it feels like that’s happening, tell me.

Persons of Interest– Yeah… I’m going to need this. I’ve got . Looking at the tags (I’m writing this on 2/25/2015,) I’ve got something like eleven characters and plans to add at least two, possibly three more next week.

Course Materials– This is where I make recommendations for people to read. Some will be legit research I’ve done. Most will be stuff I think has inspired this particular story.

Reports – These are side-stories, similar to the interludes in Worm. There are some slight differences such as length.

NIU Official Encyclopedia– A summary of things you already know, but in more detail. Sort of like a handy reference guide.

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