Persons of Interest

Note: Ages are based on how old they were during Track 1: Welcome to NIU (Glad You Aren’t Here).

Operation Rider

A group of recent high school graduates sent to infiltrate NIU and uncover its secrets. They have been recruited by Agents Sean Craig and Yuuki Takeda

  • Nathan Jacobs- Age 18. Protagonist of the story. Graduated Maynard High School in 2013 and recruited by Agents Sean Craig and Yuuki Takeda for Operation Rider. Currently taking the Basic Training semester for the school’s Academy of Military Science and Shadowhaven. Is undecided on his degree.
  • Johnathan Marshall- Age 18. Native of New Hampshire. Graduated near the top of his class, and could have gone farther if not for the hockey. Currently taking the Basic Training Semester to enter AMS’ Physical Security program with a minor in Cyber Security.
  • ????- Age 18. The third member of Operation Rider. Not much is known, except that he is also being “shared” with the CIA and is taking the Basic Training Semester.

Nowhere Island Staff and Faculty

Love may make the world go ’round, but scary, heartless nutjobs seem to make NIU turn a profit and produce the best and brightest. Whether security guards, janitors, administrators, or teachers, each person on the school’s payroll contributes something to the school. And, while ultimately replaceable, the school’s founder/president believes that losing one will make the experience that much poorer.

Academy of Military Science (AMS)

Dedicated to training the best and brightest soldiers, the graduates of NIU’s Academy of Military Science are consistently prized by whatever organization they end up in.

  • Professor/Sargent John Blunt- Age 59. The longest-standing member of the senior faculty, Professor Blunt has moved from training US Army Rangers to West Point Graduates to NIU’s prestigious Academy of Military Science.
  • Professor/Sargent Karl Krieger- Age 39. A more recent addition to AMS. Professor Krieger received his degree of Psychiatry & Mental Health from the University of Cape Town at age 21. He then spent the next 18 years making a name for himself as a mercenary before joining the staff of NIU.

NIU Student Body

A University is nothing without a student body. NIU’s happen to be some of the most brilliant of any. Ranging from the sons and daughters of the elite to diamonds in the rough, NIU’s student body can kick any other school’s student body.

Academy of Military Science (AMS)

After going through an excruciating first semester (The Hell Semester,) most would think that their training would be complete. They’d be wrong. Not only does AMS train its students in combat, but it also teaches them survival skills, battlefield medicine, counter-surveilance, leadership skills, and even languages.

  • Amir Al-Answari- Age 18. A charismatic youth entering NIU to complete the Officer Candidacy Major. He has gathered a small group of followers at NIU and is suspected of having ties to Al-Qaeda.
  • Mubashir Barak- Age 19. An Extended Infantry Operations Major who seems to have joined up with Amir.
  • Doc- Age 17. A former child soldier from Africa. Where in Africa? Fuck you, that’s where. Works for Eric “The Entertainer” Jones and is going for a degree in Combat Medicine.
  • Eric “The Entertainer” Jones- Age 17. Possible child soldier. Enrolling in the Officer Candidacy Major. Appears to be the leader of several other former child soldiers.
  • MC Disaster- Age 17. Yet another possible child soldier, and a rather quiet one. Going for the Combat Engineering major.
  • The Monk- Age 17. A very chill and laid-back former working towards his degree in Extended Infantry Operations. One of the Entertainer’s crew.
  • Robert “Ray Gun” ??- Age 17. A former child soldier who seems to work with The Entertainer. Working towards earning a degree in Extended Infantry Operations. Really likes sci-fi.
  • Richard Forrest Taylor III- Age 18. A scion of an important KKK family enrolling in NIU’s Officer Candidacy Major.
  • Salim Antar- A suspected Al-Qaeda operative who is also the second-in-command of Amir’s. Lost his eye and his family due to an American drone strike. Is now attempting to earn a degree in Extended Infantry Operations and an a minor in Cyber Warfare.
  • Meg Riley- Age 19. An intelligent, if troubled young woman in the Battlefield Medicine program. Despite good grades and being raised in Beverly Hills, she still has been written up at her school for assault. She was also discovered at an illegal bare-knuckles fighting ring in LA. Twins with May Riley.

Shadowhaven Fieldcraft Academy

The shadowy twin of AMS, Shadowhaven is the premiere institution for training spies, assassins, and saboteurs. For those who want to blur the lines between the manipulative Rogues and the brutal, precise AMSers. They also are required to take the Hell Semester.

  • Micheal “Cross” Castellan- Age 18. Son of a New York Mafia hitman, determined to follow in his father’s footsteps. Has connections all across the North American underworld, from Mexico City to Quebec. Majoring in Assassination with a minor in Tracking.
  • Kyle Rockfordt- Age 18. Former football player from the US. When it turned out that he couldn’t get a football scholarship, he and some friends turned to NIU. He’s also considered a Rogue, due to his double-major in Assassination and Subterfuge.
  • Bai Feng- Age 18. Not much is known about her, apart from the fact that she’s a seemingly native Chinese speaker and she’s Majoring at Infiltration and Minoring in Martial Arts.

New Harvard Medical School

The New Harvard Medical School is one of NIU’s oldest schools after the Academy of Military Science. From its foundation, some highly advanced technology has been developed and groundbreaking research that has revolutionized the understanding of the human body and saved countless lives.

  • May Riley- Age 19. Due to a car crash when she was young, she became fascinated with medicine. She turned out to have a talent for it even before enrolling in NIU. Twin sister of Meg Riley.

The Folks Back Home

Nathan Jacob’s story doesn’t end when he goes back home. Occasionally, some things follow him back home. Or are waiting for him. Or try to exist independently of him.

Gangs of Massachusetts

Biao Zi- A high-ranking officer of the Jade Empire. Former Chinese citizen in her mid to late twenties. Possibly shares second-in-command duties with her brother, Lang.

Lang- A high-ranking officer of the Jade Empire. Former Chinese citizen in his mid to late twenties. Possibly shares second-in-command duties with his sister, Biao Zi.

Timmy “Chairman” Mao- A forty-year-old Jade Empire lieutenant from Boston. Born and bred in Boston, he was formerly the head of one of the biggest gangs in Chinatown. Now, he’s a junior lieutenant in the Jade Empire.

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