Let’s Build a Community While Also Establishing Lore!

So, you may have noticed that on the sidebar thing is a Facebook plugin thingumgy. You may have dismissed it as unimportant. If you have, you would be wrong. You see, if you click on it and click the Like button, it will bring me one step closer to obtaining my goal of TEN FANS! Once I get TEN FANS I will unleash my special thank-you upon the world: bonus material! And it won’t be some random thing that I in my magnificent megalomania decide, no no no. It will be something that you, the readers choose.

While I want to remain open to ideas, I would like to throw out some suggestions because, unless someone has this one idea everyone loves, it will be complete anarchy and I’ll have to guess at the majority. The reason I call them suggestions is because if someone throws a completely awesome idea into the ring and everyone jumps on it like wildfire, I will go with that. That being said, while I’m sure your idea is good, please choose one of the three I list below.

Tappas and Finances- An owner of a small Mexican restaurant gets to watch the birth of the feared Jade Empire.

Amarillo- UNIX is the most well-respected authority on parahumans. The FBI Parahuman Response Division is the newest. Together, in what seems like a routine mission, they will face something that will test their loyalty, ethics, and sanity…

CAPTAIN PAIN!- A recent graduate of NIU wants to join the Minutemen of New England. Will his indescretions at the University come to light? Are the heroes of the Minutemen as good and pure as he thinks? Also, what is up with Valkyrie’s axe?

PS: In other news, first person to comment on the main site gets to choose the topic for a side story.

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