The Final Prophecy

On January 4th, 1518, self-styled prophets all over the world were struck by a vision. Evidence suggests that all of these seers saw the same vision, but they did not record the same bits (due to forgetting parts when they woke up,) nor did they interpret them the same way. However, some important parts are generally agreed upon by all.

The first point is that at some point in the future, three forces will come and cause massive damage to the world. Versions differ on how much damage will be caused by these groups, and the why is all but unknown, but all agree that it will be on a massive scale, some even suggesting that the world will literally burn and break apart.

The next point is that this is who will be involved. The first of these is known by one of the major English-speaking groups as The Lord of Death. Most significantly, The Lord of Death is supposedly literally the first to come into the world. The Lord of Death is always said to “command the dead,” but no known version readily explains this in much detail. Some versions also claim that The Lord of Death has will have an army of the living. Details on this army are sketchy, but the consensus is that it is no laughing matter with reports of fantastic weaponry, nigh-unkillable soldiers, and an infinite reserve.

The next, known as The Architect, is a being with the power to reshape reality to his whim. Again, the prophecies are unclear on what exactly this entails, but it seems that he has more to his power than controlling elements. The ability to warp time and space seems to be implied.

The third actor in this scenario are the Angels of Wrath. They seem to come from the sky and are the ones who break the world in pieces. Often they are portrayed as divine punishment for humanity’s sins or are depicted as vengeful divine beings coming to address some wrong.

We at NIU do not necessarily believe in this prophecy, but we are interested in any Parahuman exhibiting unusual powers, especially if they have a possibility of creating a Force 1 or higher event.

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