Recommended Terms: Address their group by subspecies

Acceptable: Parahuman, para, super

Not Recommended: Mutant

Unacceptable: Mutie, freak, sideshow, monster

Parahumans have been confirmed to exist since around the first millennia AD. In fact, one of the reasons the Romans never moved north of Germany was because of encounters with the berserker.

However, later on, many early strains of parahumans were rendered extinct or forced into hiding. In the 1500’s in what is now Canada, however, the Lupine suddenly came into being. Meanwhile, around the same time, the Jumper was first recorded in Japan, and communities of Elementals resurged in Africa, Europe, and Russia. Psychics were also rumored to exist all across Europe and Asia.

At first, these parahuman communities were relatively isolated and stagnant. Over the next hundred years, however, these groups slowly began to become more and more vibrant and spread out, despite attempts at pogroms and genocides.

Things finally came to a head in WWII. Both Soviets and Nazis attempted mass-exterminations of parahumans. Around 1943, this began to backfire. Militant parahuman groups began to orchestrate mass breakouts. Stalin negotiated with these groups. Hitler did not, leading to his murder at the hands of The Untermenschen, one of the most famous parahuman terrorist organizations, a few months later.

Japan, however, managed to prolong the war by about three years by being the first to recruit teams of parahumans. The next country to recruit parahumans was the US. Instead of organizing their parahumans into regular army units, however, the United States created the concept of the super hero, a semi-legal vigilante.

This attitude contributed both to America’s unrest during and ultimate victory in the Cold War, whereas the constant struggle to control their parahumans was one of several ways the Soviet Union drained its resources.

Currently, rogue parahumans are considered the second biggest threat to global security. Due to their powers, the potential for new or hidden strains of parahumans, and the lack of knowledge of where they come from, parahumans are one of the main areas of UNIX’s investigations.

Due to the complex legal and biological nature of parahumans, as well as their tactical and strategic import, we will discuss both the legal factors and various strains of parahumans.


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