Admissions Process

The NIU admissions process is a little different from normal college. Very rarely do we put out ads in the newspaper or on TV like certain other for-profit schools. We also do not get most of our money from students or governments funding students. Instead, what we do is we take a percentage of money from what our students do in-school or we contract them out to various business interests and take a small cut.

Another thing we do is we ask our teachers, alumni and students to seek out prospective recruits. What we look for is prospective savants in a given field with a strong streak of individualism, and unlike most institutes, we mean it. Candidates with disciplinary and/or criminal records have been known to beat out squeaky clean candidates in certain fields.

Also, for some of our less savory degrees, we have set up various services for students who want their parents to think they are taking other courses. We also do our best to restrict outside knowledge of events such as Fight Night and certain experiments run by students. We have found that having supportive parents can lead to an increase in graduation rates.

These policies have led to one of the most diverse and innovative places in the entire world, and it wasn’t even on purpose.

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