About Physical Copies and Ebooks.

So, I am in a bit of a bind. I want to move out of my parent’s house. The problem is, I have no way of making money. All the job leads I have been getting have been turning out to be dead ends, and while my Patreon income says $27 a month, the reality is that I’m earning less than that. So, I decided that I need to make a paid-for version.

There are two things that would need to happen: first, I’d need to edit my book. Some of you, I’m sure, have noticed that my book has several errors of various kinds. The next thing I’d need is a cover. I could make a cover, but the problem is that I can’t art. At least, I’m not a good enough artist to make a professional cover. Plus, in order to get good sales, some form of advertising would be nice.

Now, here comes the problems. First problem: I talked to an editor. She said that Volume 1 of NIU will require what is called “heavy editing.” That means that I would need to pay at least $323. Maybe more. And this, from what I can tell, is the cheap service.

The next bit, the cover, can be quite varied. The lowest price from a reputable source, can be as low as $95 for a traditional cover and $95 for a Kindle cover. Other artists can charge in the $100 to $200 range, and even over a thousand.

So, as for when I get another version of NIU out and fix the various problems? At this rate, 19 months.

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